Wednesday, September 19, 2012

INK REVIEW: Diamine Pumpkin

Last year we picked up, packed up, and moved from New York to the San Francisco area. We loooove it here in the Bay area, but I sure miss autumn in New York.  The smells, the weather, the COLOR!

This screamin' orange ink from Diamine really does it for me. So bright, so right. It's a perfect shade of orange. Not too brown, too yellow, or too red. I'm in love.

Check it out. 

click the image to see more detail

See what I said? "I may never use another color again. As long as I live. Really!"

Ha! How crazy is that? I might mean it, though.

Look at the Compare Square. I think Orange Crush from Private Reserve looks more like a shade of pumpkin than Pumpkin from Diamine. I really think I should be in charge of naming colors.

There's some smearing, but it's not awful. I made that squiggle, waited just a few seconds and then ran my finger along the ink.

I didn't have any ghosting - and I wish I could come up with a better way of illustrating my ghost tests. I'll work on that. You work on getting this ink. Today.

Check this out...

Some shading, but it's mostly super-saturated

There's some slight feathering on Hammermill paper, but not much.  If we were going to see terrible feathering, it would be on the swab - those are done on 3x5 index cards and the paper is so thin. (Does anyone make high quality index cards?)

Whew. That's some ORANGE.  I'm in love. Orange Jello! That's what it reminds me of.

I almost wish I didn't have to show you this . . .

Water Test - Fail


Here's how I test for water resistance:

1. Write with the ink (always a good first step!)
2. Let it dry for 10+ minutes
3. Place a droplet of water on one word ("from" in this case) and let that dry naturally
4. Smear a moistened Q-Tip across the words "Water Test"

I'm bummed that the water test is a fail. I'm not surprised, though. My limited understanding is that it's difficult to get water resistance from most mixed shades like purple, orange, green. Wah Wah.

All of this said, I (probably) will not be using this color for everrrrrrything, but I'm totally into it for some fun this fall. I've found it all over the place for $12-15.

Are you seasonal about your ink colors? Which are your current favorites?

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