Wednesday, December 12, 2012

INK REVIEW: Private Reserve - Orange Crush

Let me start by saying that this is a perfectly fine ink. It's well-behaved with the glass dip pen and on the paper. And I probably would have loved it. Had it not been for Diamine Pumpkin getting in the way!

The color is a bit muddy for me. When I think of Orange Crush, I think of big bright screamin' orange -and this wasn't exactly that. ghosting or's fine. But just fine. It's not BIG LOVE. Honestly, I wonder if any other orange ink will ever pass Diamine Pumpkin for me. Probably not in 2012, at least. Hahaaha

As a side note - we're so close to Christmas! Peeking through the pile of gifts, I do think some of them look pen-box-shaped!  Wheeee!    What is Santa bringing you this year?

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