Monday, January 28, 2013

PEN REVIEW: Montegrappa Espressione

So pretty.  So sleek and modern. A great profile. This Montegrappa Espressione is quite the looker! has a screw-to-post cap - Mr. Pentulant loves that.

Montegrappa is a well-respected line, many people love their pens. I don't love this. In fact, I pretty much hate it. How is that even possible?

See the metal grippy part? (Grown ups call the the Section or Gripping Section.) It's metal. And it's omg, too short. Which means that my finger is resting on the threading. Which means it hurts. Bad.

And. It's heavy. Too heavy. When posted (as it's clearly meant to be), it's unbalanced and gross.

No likie.

But man, it's pretty.

Here is my written review.  Click to make it bigger.

In an act of unselfish love, I offered the pen to Mr. P. And even though he loves him a screw-to-post pen and he agrees the Espressione is gorgeous, he rejected this pen, too!

I'm going to ponder a bit on what to do with this pen. I won't write with it again. Mr. P won't use it either. Seems a shame to let it hang around here with no love when someone else would probably love to have it.

Will keep you posted on how this one plays out!

But tell me your thoughts - have you tried this pen? Have you given away pens you would never use?


  1. Sigh - I so wanted to love this pen (mostly so I could justify buying that gorgeous New Espressione in blue..) but just don't - way too heavy for me.

  2. I'd take it off your hands for the right price ! I've been adoring this pen on and off on my search for a red pen.
    - hsianloon on FPN

  3. I'll contact you - definitely open to talking.