Monday, May 20, 2013

INK REVIEW: Two Greens!

Bonus Day!

Two wordless ink reviews for you that I prepared before the wedding.  I actually bought another green ink last week - will try to have that for you soon!


I didn't love them. Have you tried them? Love? Hate?


  1. Chris, as a guy who is known as Mr Blue Black, I'm on a quest for a beautiful everyday using Green. I have Diamine green black+umber+sherwood - Private Reserve Avacado (arrived today - Wow!), Lindauer and Waterman green, plus Robersons green and olive peridot. Plus MB Jonathan Swift that I just don't like to see on the page.
    In the post I have a Skrip green and R&K Alte Goldgrun.
    Can you point me anywhere else? (De Atramentis is off, no-one sells it here in the UK).
    Yours in Ink
    Jeff P

  2. One of my very favorite greens is Private Reserve Spearmint - great shading, amazing color and saturation. Will post a full review on it soon - and share swabs of a bunch of other greens! Oh..and you can call me Christine ;)