Monday, August 19, 2013

INK REVIEW: Noodler's Navajo Turquoise

This is a tricky review for me because I can't decide between..

Do I like it?
Do I love it?

I loved it at first - amazing color and saturation (the  two most important things to me in an ink). There is some fun shading. It wrote well in the Lamy Safari.

But then I started wondering...

It's a bit smeary.  The water test as ungood (it's a word).

So in the end - I didn't buy a full bottle of Navajo Turquoise. I want to look at other turquoise inks and find THE one.

So let me ask you. Which is your favorite turquoise? Or maybe you love turquoise so much that you have many different bottles of various turquoise inks?  Tell, tell.


  1. I am still waiting to find my perfect bottle of ink, so I buy samples from Goulet Pens and I depend on reviews like yours. This is a lovely shade of turquoise and I like the fact that Noodler's inks aren't as expensive as some other brands.

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Jackie. I love Noodler's inks, too - so many great colors in the line. I, too, am waiting for the perfect bottle of ink - in the meantime, I'll keep trying them all! haha

  3. I tried Sheaffer Turquoise and really liked it. I love how vibrant it is.