Friday, July 11, 2014


A reminder that I'm giving away a couple of Apica Notebooks.  Go enter to win.

Here's what I've been reading with interest this week . . .

Is your handwriting average?

Rita. Hayworth.

Pen Addict takes a quick look at the Parker Jotter 60th (!!) Anniversary Ballpoint Pen.

Dudek Modern Goods has a Summer Sale going on. Highly recommended.

PenINKcillin shows us how to disassemble a Lamy Z24 Converter. You'll want to bookmark this post if you own a Lamy.

MyCoffeePot started a new pen blog.

I think Mr. Pentulant wants this pencil. He's a mathlete, you know.

Finally, a couple of things from my Instagram.

Terrible little dog bumped my hand . . . .

Celebrating IndePENdence Day . . .

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