Friday, October 3, 2014

FOUND AROUND FRIDAY: Where I've Been Edition

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I've been quiet here lately. It's a super-duper busy time of year at work. My boy is also here with his girl (they're getting married in December). It's a happy kind of busy.

I'm still posting regularly over on the 'Gram and feel strongly that you should follow me there.

I've also been keeping up (mostly) with my reading.  Here are some of the interesting bits . . .

Have you seen Will Letter for Lunch?  I love this on so many different levels.

Do you read Reverenced Writing? I think you should.

New forever stamps. Prettttty.

Reviews of all of the fancy new Caran D'Ache inks from Inklode.

She loves (loves!!) disc system notebooks. I don't know. What do you think? I'm tempted to try again. I don't know. Blingtacular!  

I love Ed Jelley's photography.

Yoga Larva asks if it's the pen, ink, or paper that you love. Easy answer - all three!

Dear Mr. Pentulant. This is the one. After this one, I won't want or need any others.


I might have a girl crush on Gourmet Pens. Or at least on her handwriting.

Finally, have you seen this video? Mr. Pentulant and I watched it. He was shocked. I was not. It made both of us sad.

Happy Halloween!   We are celebrating a mini-Christmas tonight! What are you doing?


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