Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY: Diamine Florida Blue

Diamine Florida Blue

Almost Wordless Wednesday returns ;)

I wanted to show you this today.  See how pretty Diamine Florida Blue is?

The above is written with a dip pen.  The following is written with a fountain pen . . . 

Swabs and dips cannot give the same color as actually filling a pen with the ink and writing with it. 


  1. yeah, but the shading, is lovely, as it is with all of their inks that I have tried. I'm a "shading-whore," what can I tell ya? ;)

    Oh, wait, WE can talk, right? ^------------------------^

  2. While the line from the fountain pen isn't as intense as that of the dip pen I think the colour displays a more pleasing turquoise aspect and better shading.

    Now I'll have to add Diamine Florida Blue to my ink list.

    1. Yes...a good point - there is definitely more shading with the fountain pen.