Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF: Wish List . . .

My wish list is a constantly evolving thing. Some of the items seem like an impulse rather than a real want - something I would eventually end up owning.  

Like this Visconti traveling ink pot. Would I ever? Probably not.

But..this. This Pelikan M205. This, I would own.  I will own. 

It is the color. Screamin' bright red. The Pelikan on the cap. The window. The old-fashioned twisty piston mechanism.

Oh, yes. I will own this pen.  This pen will own me.

I see it at JetPens for $137.50

I generally don't read reviews before buying/trying new pens and inks. I've not read this review from Fountain Pen Network, but I hope it's good!

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